Thursday, December 28, 2006


a fast working computer and coffee. Thank you Lindsey! Well right now I am here in Chicago and Lindsey is working so I am taking the morning to enjoy one of my favorite and the computer. Checking email, blogs, myspace, and looking at twopeas of course. I can't wait to get home so I can scrap again. I am thinking of reorganizing and sorting through the office, a big task but I will have 10 days before school starts. I am also going to go through all of my digital pictures, edit them and burn them to discs so I can start organizing them that way. Hopefully my mom will be getting me some ink so I can print out some of them on my printer for scrapping. Happy to be away from the family right now...being around them (all except my sibby and grammy) can be stressful since I am not used to it. I miss Dave. He is going home today and will get to see Lou pooch(oh how I miss her and the Trixinator.) I will be glad to have him back home to take care of the house and the animals. I am looking forward to getting back to normal life and have already made a couple New Years resolutions in my head. They are small, but I think will be effective. I was going to upload some pictures, but realized that I left my cord at my parents so you will just have to wait. This has been a good Christmas season, but I think next year's will be better. There was no snow this year and next year Dave and I will be spending the holidays together so that will make it extra special. Looking forward to relaxing here for a few days and being in the city. Also excited for New Year's festivities. Happy New Year! (I probably won't be posting again until 2007)

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Well it's been a while since I last wrote, but with Christmas and going home and finals and all I have been super busy. I am going to Michigan tomorrow so I won't be writing for quite a while...I don't think I will be back until the 6th...but when I get back I will have lots of pictures and stories to share. Happy Holidays to everyone and talk to you next year!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Grrr...My camera and computer and printer make me mad today : Trying to get the right quality of pictures to print and the right size, then I sent them to Target to get printed and went to pick them up and they tell me the printer is down and I have to wait til tonight or tomorrow. The whole goal of my day was to get my pictures in order and print and scrap, now I get to do none of that. Here is a collage of Christmas pics I put together, they look great on screen, but when I sent them to get printed the resolution was too low and they would have come out grainy. I am starting to feel behind on holiday projects...grrr.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Getting into the spirit...

So... I am letting all the joy and fun of the holidays seep in slowly so I can make it last, but I think its got a hold of me and I am too excited. Last night I made homemade hot chocolate for the first time...SO GOOD! We had a fire and just sat with no music or tv, it was peaceful. Also I have been listening to Christmas music in the mornings around the house. And as we all know the weather is crazy right now across the country and we are in the 40's and 50's here in Phoenix, YES! I have got to pull out jackets and long sleeves for a bit. Enjoy the season and get into the spirit!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

One More Week

Only one more week of classes, then a couple finals and the fall semester will finally be over! I can't wait, then I get to go home and see my family and friends with no worries. The weather is finally shaping up here, it's been about 60 all week so I have been able to wear long sleeves. I am looking forward to have a couple weeks here with no school to work on my scrapbooking and get stuff that I want to submit done before going home. That's about it, not much else going on righ tnow, just focusing on school this week and studying and writing research papers :(

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Into the season...

Well Dave and I have trimmed the tree and hung our stockings, after we decorated them of course. Here are some pictures of our decorations and of our holiday turkey. We are making the most of leftover, potato pancakes for breakfast and I making turkey soup right now. Enchiladas, tetrazzini, and sandwiches are also in the works. Well back to homework and scrapping :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!! I will post pictures of our glorious dinner later tonight. Enjoy your food, family, and friends and take time to think about what we all have to be greatful for...this may suprise you...I know it did me!!! :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sad News...

Well I gave it my best and it was definitely a learning experience, but I am sad to annouce that Designs For You will be closing :( Not sure if it's forever or just a while. The monetary and time commitment have become too much at this point in my life. Maybe once I am done with school and settled somewhere. The silver lining is that now I will have more time to devote to school, which is something I really need to do. I wish I lived and went to school with my sister, then I would stay on track because she is so good at it :) I also will be devoting more time to my personal scrapbooking career as far as submitting layouts and projects for publication. It was fun and I am sad to let a dream go but I think the most valuable thing I've learned is that I am not the type of person to run the business part of it all, so if I make a similar venture in the future I will have to have a partner that can take on that aspect of it. With that said I am off to break the news to my customers, thank goodness there are only seven:)

Also here is a layout I did the other night. One of my favorites :)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Woohoo, I am so excited! I was contacted today and I am going to have a page published in a Scrapbooking Trends Idea Book that's coming out next April! I of course can't post the page because everyone has to wait to see it but it's my first publication of hopefully many! Yeah!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


I love reorganizing least for the first 3/4 of it, then I usually grow tired and either leave the rest in a pile or spread out on the floor. This means I usually have one basket or drawer or whatever that is just a mishmosh of everything left. I bring this up because I am attempting to reorganize my scrapstuff today. It isn't that far out of control, but I could use a new way of looking at things and going through my product usually inspires me, which I can totally use right now. I am hoping that in doing this it will encourage me to sit and scrap tonight, because I haven't done a page at all this week, and that just isn't like me. Knowing where to start is indimidating me right now, so I am just going to have to jump in and go from there.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

being sick suck.

Today is a sick day. Some sort of sinus infection or something. No school, no work, just couching it up with chicken soup and OJ trying to feel better. I hate unproductive days and being sick makes me feel behind, but a day of rest is the best medicine most times. *sigh*

Monday, November 06, 2006

Quick thoughts

Quick post before I am off to are a picture of Sydney and Josh the two kids that I get to babysit for. It's a great job and they are so sweet, I will miss them when I am gone. Already the second week of November...that makes me happy :) I will be home again in almost a month, got my plane ticket already and am finalizing my wish list for Christmas. I also will be getting to visit Chicago, which will be the first time since I have definitely decided to move there. I think about it everyday...I am brimming with excitement. One last you sibby:)

Monday, October 30, 2006


This is for you Marlana. Here are pictures of us dressed as Mario and Luigi. Dave's picture came out better than mine did. I don't have my mustache on because we didn't permanently put them on til we got to the party and mine wouldn't temporarily stay on cause of my makeup, but you get the picture. Enjoy!

Friday, October 27, 2006

spooktacular weekend

Well Halloween is almost here, and we chose to celebrate this weekend. Went to a party last night which was decorated super spooky and cool. It didn't even look like a house, it looked more like a dungeon. We ended up throwing together cheap costumes and went as Mario and Luigi. And guess what? Everyone loved them and we won 3rd place in a costume contest! I decorated a little too and we carved pumpkins (we carved them too early so they already rotted and got tossed). Here are some pics of the pumpkins, I will post Mario and Luigi later tonight or tomorrow. Everyone enjoy your Halloween!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

a gloriously gloomy day.

Ahhh, nothing is more refreshing here in Arizona than a gloomy day...clouds, possible rain, and a high of 75...I think a long sleeve t-shirt might be in order. School is crazy this week--3 tests and one paper...but I am plowin through it and still finding time to scrap (somehow I always do). I am not even sure if anyone has ventured in to read this blog yet, makes me curious. I have creating and Chicago on the brain today and am debating a second cup of coffee...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

my first post

well here is my first post! I can't believe I decided to create a blog...not very like me. I figured I would try it, but am gearing it more toward the create aspects of my life rather than my whole life but who knows where it will go. I am setting a goal of posting every other day and to include at least one picture in my post. I am starting with two of my favorite pooch Lou and me and my sibby sib :)