Tuesday, December 11, 2007

blog feelers

Work has been slow and I have been putting my blog feelers out there. Here is some fun/inspirational stuff that I came up with. (Please excuse the weirdness of the picture placement, I haven't figured this out yet)

Love this quote (found on a past post of Keri Smith's Blog) this is relevant to my current urge to REorganize my scrapstuff, yet again:

My problem with classifications is that they don't last; hardly have I finished putting things into an order before that order is obsolete. Like everyone else, I presume, I am sometimes seized by a mania for arranging things. The sheer number of the things needing to be arranged and the near-impossibility of distributing them according to any truly satisfactory criteria means that I never finally manage it, that the arrangements I end up with are temporary and vague, and hardly any more effective that the original anarchy....In short, I muddle along."-- George Perec
Just a rambling that I also found on her blog, I firmly believe this.

This is the layout for the current challenge on Two Peas...
love the idea of collaging and using LOTS of product. Want to try this technique.

Found this site through Ali's blog, fun to play around with.

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