Tuesday, December 11, 2007

good intentions :)

Well, I had good intentions of once again becoming a member of the blogging community, however certain circumstances are trying to stand in my way. As of this past weekend the internet at my house is not working or as the cable company puts it "limited or no connectivity" This could be from one of two things, the first is that the cable company just doesn't have their poop in a group and their network is down (which with these guys is totally probable). The second would be the fact that our balance is over due and they have chosen to freeze our internet access and let us keep the cable TV (this is also very probable, unfortunately, but it is the Holiday season.) Either way, this means that I will not be able to upload photos and such with ease. I have full access here at work (thank God!!!) and will do what I can from here until I can get up and running at home again. Cable is just too stinkin' expensive, and I am thinking of trying to go TV free. I don't know if Dave and I would make it, but think of all the reading and crafting I could get done :):):)

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